What Can I recycle at My Curb?


  • Food & Drink CANS (Aluminum, Tin, Steel)
  • PLASTIC containers #1 THROUGH #5
  • MIXED PAPER: Newspaper (clean); Printer paper; Copier paper

Place the three material types in three separate containers for collection.

Residential curbside recycling service is provided in Hailey, Ketchum and Sun Valley as part of basic waste collection services.  Curbside recycling collection is available in Bellevue and many parts of the county for an additional fee.  Call for details.

Can I put Corrugated Cardboard (boxes) in my Curbside Recycle Bin?

No. However, there are multiple drop-off locations for cardboard; or you can arrange for a cardboard pick up from your residence or business for a fee.


  • Hailey – Park & Ride – NW corner of the River/Bullion intersection
  • Blaine County Recycle Center (Ohio Gulch)
  • Bellevue Fire Station (517 N. 2nd St. & 130 Riverview Drive)
  • Ketchum (215 Lewis St.)

Glass Drop-Off Sites 

  • Ketchum – 215 Lewis St
  • Hailey – Park & Ride – NW corner of the River/Bullion intersection
  • Bellevue – 517 2 2nd St
  • Bellevue – 130 Riverview Dr

Cardboard Compactor Locations
215 Lewis – Learn More
Hailey Park & Ride – Learn More