Dumpsters – All Sizes

1.5 yards
(41” H x 29” D x 82” W)

3 cubic yards
(50” H x 42” D x 82” W)

4 cubic yards
(56”H x 52” D x 82” W)

6 cubic yards
(72” H x 73.5” D x 82” W)

8 cubic yards
(86” H x 70.5” D x 82” W)

Business Cart Sizes

32 Gallon

68 Gallon

95 Gallon


Working for a Cleaner Environment and a More Prosperous Community


Clear Creek Disposal offers individualized service based on each business’s needs. CCD collects commercial waste, but ABSOLUTELY NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS. Call CCD with questions about potential hazards.

Cost is based on the size and number of containers selected and the frequency of servicing. A CCD Customer Service Representative will assist business owners in developing cost-effective, efficient servicing. Billing is monthly by CCD; except in Hailey where it is on City water bills.

COLLECTION SCHEDULE & FREQUENCY: Collection service for commercial containers is available from a minimum of once a week, to a maximum of five days per week, Monday through Friday. Schedules vary depending on material(s) and collection container(s).