Individualized services that are cost effective & efficient



Dumpsters – All Sizes

3 cubic yards
(50” H x 42” D x 82” W)

4 cubic yards
(56”H x 52” D x 82” W)

6 cubic yards
(72” H x 73.5” D x 82” W)

15 cubic yards
(52.5” H x 96” D x 226” W)

30 cubic yards
(81” H x 96” D x 252” W)


Clear Creek Disposal offers help developing individualized services that are cost-effective and efficient. ABSOLUTELY NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS. Call CCD with questions about potential hazards.

COLLECTION SCHEDULE: Collection is typically Monday through Friday on an “on-call” basis. When you are ready for dumpsters to be emptied, just call. To arrange service, please call early in the day. (CCD makes every effort to meet your requests, no matter when.)

COST/BILLING: Please call the Clear Creek Office for details. 208-726-9600

Corrugated Cardboard Flattened cardboard—the kind with the wavy middle. Paper board (cereal-type boxes); Plastic film or Packing materials; Food-contaminated card-board; Waxed cardboard.
Wood Waste Scrap lumber, pallets, untreated wood waste. Nails are OK. Land clearing wood waste. Max size: 18” diameter, 8’ length. (To be Chipped) Plywood; Pressure-treated lumber; MDF or wood with glues.
“Inert” Materials Asphalt; Concrete; Plastic pipe/tubing; Dirt; Rocks; Tree stumps. (Diverted from the Landfill; Not Recycled.) Insulation; Sheet-rock; Appliances; Furniture; Fabric; Liquids; Paints; Tires; Batteries; Light fixture ballasts.
Metals Scrap metals. Appliances diverted. TBD

ESTABLISHING SERVICE: CCD will assist builders/remodelers in establishing recycling collection. We provide details on what materials are considered “inert construction waste,” recyclable, and “contamination,” and make recommendations on how each site can effectively and efficiently collect materials.

COLLECTION CONTAINERS: CCD provides an extensive selection of containers to meet all of your recycling needs. Cart sizes are 32-, 68- and 95 gallons. Large generators of cardboard, wood waste, or “inert” materials can also utilize dedicated dumpsters in the same sizes available for waste collection.

CARDBOARD DROP-OFF RECYCLING: For construction sites generating too little corrugated cardboard to warrant use of a collection container, it can be flattened and delivered to a Community Drop-Off Recycling location.

FREQUENCY: Containers are emptied on an “on-call” basis. Call CCD for service. (For same-day service, please call early in the morning.)

SAVE MONEY: Save on disposal costs by recycling. Being “green” is good for business. Ask us for ideas.

GET STARTED: Call 208-726-9600 to order your container(s). Identify space on the property to accommodate the dumpster(s), and determine ahead of time where you want them placed. Directions are necessary for delivery.