Roller Carts – All Sizes

32 Gallon

68 Gallon

95 Gallon

Dumpsters – All Sizes

1.5 yards
(41” H x 29” D x 82” W)

3 cubic yards
(50” H x 42” D x 82” W)

4 cubic yards
(56”H x 52” D x 82” W)

6 cubic yards
(72” H x 73.5” D x 82” W)

15 cubic yards
(36” H x 96” D x 216” W)

30 cubic yards
(67” H x 96” D x 240” W)

Corrugated Cardboard Flattened cardboard—the kind with the wavy middle. Paper board (cereal-type boxes); Plastic film or Packing materials; Food-contaminated card-board; Waxed cardboard.
Wood Waste Scrap lumber, pallets, untreated wood waste. Nails are OK. Land clearing wood waste. Max size: 18” diameter, 8’ length. (To be Chipped) Plywood; Pressure-treated lumber; MDF or wood with glues.
Plastic Containers #1-5 Rigid plastic bottles and containers, rinsed. Lids OK separate from container. Bags; #6 polystyrene (aka Styrofoam); #7 other, Films; Wraps, Motor oil or other hazardous material containers; Buckets; Large items.
Food & Drink Cans Aluminum/Steel/Tin cans (soda, veggie, coffee, soup cans); Disposable-type Aluminum foil and pie tins; Rinsed. Minimal food contamination. Aerosol cans; Propane bottles; Paint buckets; Metal pots; Cookie sheets; Large metal; Heavily soiled aluminum foil.
Mixed Paper Newspaper (clean); Printer paper; Copier paper Packing paper; Fluorescent color papers; Corrugated cardboard; Wax-coated paper such as milk/juice cartons Spiral or bound papers; Books. Junk mail; Magazines and Catalogs (glue- and staple-back); Cereal boxes; colored and glossy paper; Paper bags; Paper 6-pack holder; Paper egg cartons; Paper towel holder tubes; Phone books.
Glass Bottles of all colors No corks, hazardous chemical containers or light bulbs.
Food Waste  Organic Call Wynns Compost for details 208-309-2525

ESTABLISHING SERVICE: CCD will assist businesses in establishing recycling collection. We will provide details on desired materials, what is considered “contamination,” and make recommendations on how each business can effectively and efficiently collect recyclables and reduce waste.

COLLECTION CONTAINERS: CCD provides an extensive selection of containers for all your recycling needs. 32-68-and 95-gallon carts are available. Large generators of cardboard can utilize 1-1/2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 cubic yards dumpsters.

DROP-OFF RECYCLING: For business not wanting collection containers, cardboard and glass can be delivered to a community drop-off recycling locations in Bellevue, Hailey, and Ketchum.


  • Hailey – Park & Ride – NW corner of the River/Bullion intersection
  • Blaine County Recycle Center (Ohio Gulch)
  • Bellevue Fire Station (517 N. 2nd St. & 130 Riverview Drive)
  • Ketchum (215 Lewis St.)


215 Lewis – Learn More
Hailey Park & Ride – Learn More


  • Ketchum – 215 Lewis St
  • Hailey – Park & Ride – NW corner of the River/Bullion intersection
  • Bellevue – 517 2 2nd St
  • Bellevue – 130 Riverview Dr