• Food & Drink CANS (Aluminum, Tin, Steel)
  • PLASTIC containers #1 THROUGH #5
  • MIXED PAPER: Newspaper (clean); Printer paper; Copier paper

Place the three material types in three separate containers for collection.

Residential curbside recycling service is provided in Hailey, Ketchum and Sun Valley as part of basic waste collection services.  Curbside recycling collection is available in Bellevue and many parts of the county for an additional fee.  Call for details.

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No. However, there are multiple drop-off locations for cardboard; or you can arrange for a cardboard pick up from your residence or business for a fee.

– Hailey – Park & Ride – NW corner of the River/Bullion intersection
– Hailey – Fire Dept. – 617 3rd Ave. South
– Ketchum – at the east end of 4th Street (behind the LDS Church)
– Sun Valley – at the Fire Station and City Hall

  • Blaine County Recycle Center (Ohio Gulch)
  • Carey Transfer Station
  • Hailey Park & Ride (NW corner River/Bullion)
  • Hailey Fire Department (617 3rd Ave. South)
  • East end of 4th St., Ketchum (behind LDS Church) (No glass) 101 Saddle Road, Ketchum (YMCA)
  • Sun Valley City Hall (All sorted materials except glass) Elkhorn Fire Station (All sorted materials)


Clear Creek Disposal can pick up cardboard from residences and businesses for a fee.  Call 726.9600 for details.

Drop them at the Blaine County Recycle Center at 110 Ohio Gulch Road – Building 1.

Garbage and recyclables are typically collected between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Weather and other unforeseen circumstances may change these hours periodically.

Clear Creek Disposal offers individualized service based on each business’s needs. CCD collects commercial waste, but ABSOLUTELY NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS. Call CCD with questions about potential hazards.

COST/BILLING: Cost is based on the size and number of containers selected and the frequency of servicing. A CCD Customer Service Representative will assist business owners in developing cost effective, efficient servicing. Billing is monthly by CCD; except in Hailey where it is on City water bills.

COLLECTION SCHEDULE & FREQUENCY: Collection service for commercial containers is available from a minimum of once a week, to a maximum of five days per week, Monday through Friday. Schedules vary depending on material(s) and collection container(s).

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