City Of Bellevue

Residential Waste Disposal & Recycling


32-Gallon Container $17.76/month
68-Gallon Container $21.51/month
95-Gallon Container $23.46/month
Extra Bag (outside of cart) $2.50/bag
Recycling (optional) $6.26/month
Unlimited Household Service
(95-Gallon Container)


MOVING: If you are moving, please leave cart and
bin(s) for the next occupants. Garbage Carts and Recycle
Bins are owned by CCD, and registered to the
property address.

FOR NEW SERVICE: For a rolling cart and recycling
bin, call 208.726.9600.

COLLECTION: Trash service includes weekly curbside pickup of household garbage. For collection day, call 726.9600 or look under “Schedules” on our website. Optional recycling collection is also weekly, with curbside pickup of unlimited sorted recyclables. Garbage must be inside the cart, with lid closed, and the cart and recycle bin(s) at the curb for collection by 7a.m. Cart lid should open toward the street. Recycle bin(s) should be at least 18” from the cart.

On snowy days, carts should be set out in the morning and not the night before, to prevent snow plows from knocking them over.

BILLING: CCD issues quarterly bills.